Hi-Low Pump Module

Hi-Low Pump Module or the Pump Control Madule (PCM): This valve assembly is used when a high-flow, low-pressure and a low-flow, high-pressure combination of a fixed displacement pumps is used in a hydraulic circuit .

Hi-Low Pump Module

Full featured Hi-Low pump block

Prefill Valve – Improved Design

The Series -21 Prefill-Exhaust valve is engineered after taking into account the valuable feedback received from our customers. This design is capable of handling the most demanding of industrial applications.

The Prefill Valve

Prefill Valve Enhancements

End of Stroke Synchronization in Rotary Geared Flow Divider

Accuracy of division of flow using any type of flow divider has its own limitations due to clearance in the moving components. In case of Rotary geared Flow divider, the clearance between gears and the body causes internal leakages leading to inaccuracy in flow diversion. Accumulation of these inaccuracies is undesirable in the products it is used for. Accumulation of error caused by inaccurate flow division may cause machine breakdown.
It is therefore essential to eliminate the possibility of accumulation of such errors. The method used to eliminate accumulation of errors, is shown in the circuit below.
The CircuitNote: The circuit assumes that there are positive load bearing stops placed at each end stroke of each cylinder.


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Spica Hydraulics Pvt.Ltd, Belgaum has been newly appointed as ‘Authorized Distributor ‘ of Sun Hydraulics.

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Group Companies

Hyloc Hydrotechnic Pvt. Ltd.

Hyloc is a trusted brand in high quality tube couplings, adaptors and flanges. Hyloc’s product range also includes high-pressure shut-off valves, needle valves and flow control valves.

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Hydraulic Radial Piston Pumps, Mobile Valves, Pressure Controls, Manifolds, Covers, Logic Cartridges, Pressure Switches, Check Valves.

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OTPL has established in the field of engineering as high quality supplier of services like Design, Testing, Manufacturing, Assembly, Installation Commissioning and Maintenance of Electro-Hydraulic Systems.